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How to Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram is a photo-sharing application that has become popular in recent years. It was acquired by Facebook, a social networking website that aimed at keeping people in touch with their loved ones, and sharing their daily lives. Instagram has grown to become a business front whereby one can solely have an Instagram account as their primary traffic driver to acquire customers. Here are some tips on how to market your business on Instagram.

Have a Plan

When it comes to social media marketing, one needs to have a plan that is realistic within specific time frames. The plan should clearly outline the goals, both long term, and short term. Goals may vary from brand awareness, traffic to your Instagram page, impressions, engagement rates, and also. The plan should also include detailed execution procedures. This will enable you to know why exactly you are marketing the business.


Posts, stories, and captions on your Instagram page should be of high quality. If you are selling a physical product, ensure you hire a good photographer that will shoot good images for you to post online. This will make you stand out amongst the many Instagram businesses. When it comes to writing captions, one is advised to master the art of typewriting advertisements to achieve maximum sales.


It is essential to be consistent with updating the page regularly for this increase in your SEO and general page visibility. Be sure to avoid overdoing it since people don’t appreciate being spammed with content.

Utilize Instagram Business Tools

Instagram has enabled businesses to collaborate on Instagram through various tools such as paid partnerships, link attachments, and sponsored ads. All these are vital tools that one can use to market their businesses online. Therefore, one should be keen on utilizing them.


The hashtag phenomenon has slowly spilled over from twitter into the Instagram arena, where people use hashtags to promote their business in terms of visibility. Many people are also able to discover new things just by typing a hashtag. One can also go viral on the internet by starting a hashtag that goes on to the trend. All these are marketing tactics that are used by modern-day businesses on Instagram.


Create engaging content that can ensure people are keeping in touch with the business. One can use different techniques such as asking a question, doing a poll on Instagram stories, video creation, and so many other engagement techniques used.

Instagram is a large community with many users across the globe. Businesses should be keen on reaching out to new customers on Instagram by employing the marketing techniques discussed above.…

digital marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of a service or a product on digital spaces such as websites, social media websites, mobile applications, and software. The traditional marketing methods are constantly being outdated and neglected. Below are some of the benefits of digital marketing.

Increased visibility

Brands can be more visible when they employ digital marketing as their go-to strategy. This is seen with huge brands such as Coca Cola and Pepsi, which budget millions in their digital marketing. Digital marketing comes in different forms such as

Profile Visits

With digital marketing, one can increase profile visits to their social media pages, capturing a netizen has become harder as the days go by due to a shorter concentration span of the average internet user. Employing proper digital marketing tactics ensures the user’s attention has been captured.

Conversion Rates

It is important always to convert your potentials into active buyers. That is the main point of marketing a product in the first place. With digital marketing, one can convert the potential by using audio-visuals that are curated to making the customer make a decision of buying. This is one of the most important benefits of digital marketing.

Global Outreach

With digital marketing, one can reach people across the globe. Compared to traditional marketing methods such as using flyers, billboards, and brochures, which are limited to geographical positioning.


It is way cheaper to utilize digital marketing than to use traditional methods of advertisement. This is because digital marketing offers multiple budgets for different customers. In case you want to do a small promotion, there is a budget for you, and if you’re going to do a mega campaign, there is a budget for you.


One can personalize their campaign as a digital marketer to be able to reach specific people with specific types of taste, different social classes, different educational backgrounds, and also geographical areas. This enables the company to hit the nail on the head in terms of precision.

Measurable Results

Digital marketing offers quantifiable results because the numbers and semantics are readily available for scrutiny. And this is a plus because one can measure the progress from time to time.

If you own a company that is keen on being at the forefront of digital marketing, start as soon as possible. Keep in mind that with the right tactics, you will comfortably compete in the challenging competitive spaces in the business industry. …